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Comment From Yana
Hi Chris, It’s Yana and Sasha from Russia. We saw video of you producing a song for a band Celadore in Red Door Sounds studio. What other bands have you worked with? By the way, see you on tour in September!

Chris Cheney: I have not worked with any other bands at the studio as we have been so busy with our record, I hope to get in there with more bands soon, see you soon and hope you are well!

Comment From TylerH
Hello Chris, First off, LOVE the new cd. I was wondering if you guys were planning to come back to the USA for this cd?

Chris Cheney: We would love nothing more than to be touring the US but no set plans at this point. We will be in Europe and japan but not ruled out touring the US so fingers crossed. We appreciate we have a lot of fans in the US so thanks for the support.

Comment From Caitlin
Hi Chris! Great to have you here! After putting together a sucessful 5albums, you obviously know what you guys are doing! What has been the easiest & hardest things about this 6th album? Thanks, Caitlin

Chris Cheney: The easiest decision was deciding to make another record, we knew after White Noise we had ideas .. The hardest part was that we had so many ideas and we ended up with 5 albums worth of material. We had to sort through and decide which songs would make this record. I think we have made the right decision.

Comment From David Hampson
You had a second guitarist with you on Tuesday night, is he going to be a permanent fixture when you tour and does this mean that the songs on the new album are more complicated then previous albums?

Chris Cheney: The songs on the new album aren't more complex but we felt there were some sounds and elements missing from our live show that are on our records. We plan to use him for some of the songs but not all, the idea is that it creates a fuller sound and you will hear parts of our record that have not been executed on stage. It will free me up to play some parts that have been missing from our gigs. Please don't judge till you've seen us in the room. It's a wall of sound!

Comment From Guest
Hi Chris. Congratulations on placing so high in the JJJ100 albums poll. After the upcoming tour, would you ever entertain the idea of a special show or two, playing the self-titled album in its entirety? Not even necessarily suggesting that it would be a quick cash-grab, rather a cool opportunity to hear some of the lesser played tunes. Thanks for your time (saw you guys on Tuesday night at the launch, loved it, thanks!)

Chris Cheney: yes we would love to do something like that, I think there are some great songs that have not been played live in some years. Hearing it on JJJ reminded me it's an exciting record and we won't rule it out by any means.

 Comment From Ricky C
Chris, you blokes supported us one wild night at The Punters ClubFitzroy years ago now man, you've gone onto sensational things and I wanted to say how proud we are of you. A good set of blokes, who deserved all that came your way. Top job man, keep it up...

Chris Cheney: Thankyou very much we feel very blessed and fortunate to be playing music and gotten to the level we are at and we've been fortunate enough to be able to do what we love for a living. Music is still everything to us. Long live The Punters Club.

Comment From Kerrin
So my question is about For Another Day - what exactly is it about? I have my own idea about it but i'd like to hear your view on it

Chris Cheney: I'm not the types of person that lives in the now I dwell on things from the past and the future so that song is a reminder to me about events that none of that matters and the only thing that does is what's happening right now. It's saying you have to live every minute like it's your last as you don't know what is around the corner. I am still struggling to deal with something at the moment, but it was an awakening that life is short and it's important to live in the now.

Comment From Jarrad
Hi Chris, what gig are you looking forward to most on your upcoming tour?

Chris Cheney: All of them, no word of a lie - because I am happy to be out of our concrete box in South Melbourne, i am relieved the album is finished and we have so much fire in our bellies for the tour and are chomping at the bit to get back to what we love doing.

Comment From Guest
Hi Chris, You are known for your detailed approach to all of your projects but with a new album, at what point do you start to relax and enjoy it? After recording? After release? Never? Sue E.

Chris Cheney: Relaxation is not in my vocab, I guess i'll start working on the next record, I have a lot of songs I want to see the light of day. In some form I want to release that material as i don't want it sitting on a hard drive - I am happy with the record but I am happiest when I am moving and not standing still.

Comment From Mark
I Have A Question! When you write songs to you actualy write them down anywhere or do you just remember then or do you record them on something?

Chris Cheney: These days it's easier with the iPhone, we record things, i have a terrible memory but I get inspired by random things so I make sure I put an idea down as I will forget an hour later. i have been known to get up in the middle of the night and put down a melody on a guitar. It's liberating and frustrating. This record i felt like I was channeling something beyond me .. with real quality ideas.

Comment From Dylan
Hi Chris!How is scott's moving to byron bay going to affect the band?

Chris Cheney: It'll make me look more pale!
He may grow a beard, other than that it shouldn't affect us.

Comment From Guest

Hi Chris my name is Ethan, I play in a band called The Inebriates. Recently you visited Wheeler's Hill SC and our drummer gave you a pre-production copy of our upcoming EP. We would just like to know what you thought. contact us through the messenger or via email.

Chris Cheney: Hey it was really freaky to go back to our old high school, never been so nervous I have the CD, looked at it today, and we've been in Sydney doing promotions, but I promise I'll listen to it and let you know what I think. Best of luck!

Comment From Veronicaz09
Hey Chris thanks for taking the time to chat. After listening to he album a few times, I've noticed a a fresh "flow" to the album. What do you think was so different about this album from those prior? And any chance of you guys coming back to the states? We miss you guys!

Chris Cheney: I believe that there was a sense of not being able to top what we achieved with White Noise, so i was determined we'd create the best songs we've written. We ended up with more songs and at the end of it we went through every tune and picked the best ones that fit together. There's a common thread linking the songs more than our other records. We wanted the album to also flow and sound like an old record. Glad to hear you are hearing it the way we are.

Comment From Jay
Hi Chris, TLE are my favourite band, just wondering if you guys have any plans for future releases of unreleased songs/B-sides as a set? It sounds like you had alot of songs lined up for the current album, and it would be awesome to hear those that didnt suit the album but were great anyway! Cheers!

Chris Cheney: Jay, as we speak I am a fan of artists doing this. It's getting to the point where there has been enough time and earlier albums and now that I can look back and unearth some of our lost B-sides and songs. we are just trying to figure out the best way to do that. i'd love you to hear it one day, warts and all.

Comment From Jasmin
Hi Chris!! In an old photo of you and the band Scott is holding a Split Enz record 'See Ya Round'. Plus you've also covered the classic 'Distant Sun' by Crowded House. Have the Split Enz/Crowded House/Finn Brothers eras influenced you as an artist/band? Any other influences?

Chris Cheney: yes yes yes! I adore Crowded House, I am in awe of Neil Finn as a songwriter guitarist and singer, he's a true legend. Split Enz and CH are frequently spoken about in the rehearsal room.

Comment From Melissa
G'day Chris - I don't really have a question. Just wanted to congratulate you and the boys on a stella career (so far), and the new album!! Long time TLE fan. Met you briefly @ a Triple M gig a while back. My fav moment was some bimbo coming up to you after the gig, asking for a kiss. Your reply: “Sorry, I’m married”. GOLD! Sigh… A rocker with morals!

Chris Cheney: I've shattered all rock star illusions! Thank you but yes I am a loyal husband and I appreciate the support. I'm flattered!

Comment From Jay

When will you be likely to start touring internationally - specifically NZ? New album is BRILLIANT!!!

Chris Cheney: Thankyou, we plan to go to NZ ASAP we always had such a great time there and first place outside Australia we had a gold record.

Comment From TLE_Rawks!
What ever happened to Rats?

Chris Cheney: The burning question - it's gone but not forgotten, we have songs in the same vein as Rats that we plan to put out one day, it didn't fit this record, but don't fret it will see the light of day.

Comment From James
Chris, I'm just wondering what your guitar practise regime consider of when growing up. Is it really a case of becoming a recluse until you hone your craft? I have been playing for 20 years or so but I'm very inspiration based, meaning I can only really put in quality hours of practise when inspired to do so. The inspiration tends to coincide with new alb releases from my favorite bands, of which TLE is one. You really are a talented man.

Chris Cheney: It's fair to say I was obsessed with playing the guitar as a kid. i would get inspired to practice from seeing photos in a magazine, and it wasn't unheard of for me to sit for 5 hours during high school on the edge of my bed while playing. It's the only thing I felt I was any good at.

Comment From Erin
Will there be a DVD of your gig in September a'la 'Live at Festival Hall'?

Chris Cheney: No we aren't playing Festival Hall but we may film some shows. it's time ti mix things up, play the new record and resurrect old album tracks.

Comment From Margaux McDonald

Hi Chris. You decided to work with a co-writer whilst you were in New York. Is lyric writing a difficult or secondary part of the song writing process for you?

Chris Cheney: it's both difficult and secondary. I am always focused on the hook and the melody of the song first, without it you have nothing. i don't find lyrics easy but there were some key lines on this record that fell into my lap and I believe what ever you are going through in life influences your writing and I think our strongest lyrics are on this record.

Comment From harro
35 yr old chick, Ive just started learning guitar. finding it quite challenging.. any advice you can give on getting up to speed quicker?

Chris Cheney: Keep practising.. unfortunately there's no quick way. Spend time doing it. Don't be in a hurry to play amazingly well, if you enjoy it you will further yourself so much more. Listen to as much music as possible.

Comment From Brad
Hi Chris-heard a rumour that you were going to tour with the Foo Fighters-any truth in that?

Chris Cheney: no there's not. they are a kick arse band but don't know where the rumour started. We have been laughing about it!

Comment From Guest
Chris, i'm a huge fan, and i just wanna know, will 'rats' ever be heard, or is it gone forever?

Chris Cheney: it's not gone forever, it'll come back.

Comment From pop
Chris, do you guys have a twitter account?

Chris Cheney: no i don't - follow us on facebook

Comment From May
Loving the vocals these days more than ever - amazing! - so have you been taking lessons/advice? Or is it just your voice maturing in line with your songwriting?

Chris Cheney: No lessons, thank you, i am flattered! i think the songs i write demand a better singer than what I was at 22.

Comment From Jasmin
If you play Growing Up (Falling Down) during the Melbourne show in September I will love you forever!!

Chris Cheney: Haha! Ok done!

Comment From Caitlin
Chris - burning question for you! What is the one thing (aside from the obvious) you must take on tour with you? Do you have a good luck charm?

Chris Cheney: not necessarily though we try to make sure we are fit.

Comment From Nik Bicanski
will there be any b-sides with singles this time around?

Chris Cheney: Yes we'd love to do this, stay tuned.

Comment From Nick
It was well publicised that the octave riff to "How Do We Know" really kicked the songwriting process for White Noise into gear. Were there any new guitar related gadgets that inspired you for this album?

Chris Cheney: Yes, I have used more effects on this record vs others. There was the chorus peddle which gave songs an 80s flavour we were excited about. The good thing about a new guitar peddle is when it influences your writing. it's important for our songs to grow and sonically there's a broader spectrum now.

Comment From Yana Amur
What is the story behind the vintage Pacific guitar you have on promo photos for the new album? Is it playable?

Chris Cheney: it's not playable It's been on my wall for 10 years and it's only a shell of a guitar..

Comment From Caitlin
Hi Chris, I was sorry to hear about your Dad, that was very sad news. I'm glad he was able to hear the record in full though. How much has that influenced your songwriting & the themes/topics that you write about? Obviously ST/Roll On etc were much more political/socially focused.

Chris Cheney: it's been everything with this record, he was ill for a long time and dad was there from the start, he was always our number 1 supporter and his passing has been the most horrible moment of my life but i take comfort in the fact he's not facing what he was and this record is for him.

Comment From Guest
any ideas about a setlist for the gigs? anything that will absolutely be played?

Chris Cheney: It's going to be a different setlist to what you might imagine, lots of surprises.

Comment From Jarrad
Do you hate the song Uncle Harry now, and people always yelling it out at gigs? It sure annoys me a fair bit.

Chris Cheney: yeah it's not my finest moment, i can get the appeal but a bit novelty for my liking.

Comment From Erin
I've always been amazed with your song 'the room'- what inspired it? any plans to make another song with multiple parts?

Chris Cheney: I read articles on people that had been incarcerated for the majority of their lives and when they were released they couldn't cope ... the song is about how someone inside for so long, and how the world has changed. It's an amazing concept to think someone feels more comfortable on the inside of a room for so long.

Comment From OlyaVera Madtwins
In a time when showbiz work for entertaining and not for education - do you feel responsible for the messages you send to the people through your music and songs?

Chris Cheney: i don't feel responsible but I think it's important to send a positive message. i think artists should send what ever message they want but there's enough negativity in this world without people with a profile adding to it. Life's too short to spread a negative vibe. my mission is to spread positivity.

Comment From Guest
ever gonna play stay away from me live?

Chris Cheney: Maybe now that you have mentioned it I will put in into the mix.

Comment From Veronicaz09
After all the years of being in a band, what do you think has held this band together as such a solid unit?

Chris Cheney: Me, tolerance, a desire to succeed and not being content with anything we have done we are hungry for more! But we appreciate what we have achieved.

Comment From Jarrad
After 6 albums, are your live sets going to be much longer now?

Chris Cheney: Yes
Chris Cheney: An hour and a quarter doesn't cut it .... submit your requests now

Comment From Joab808

ANY chance at all of hearing "closing in" live?? It's a bloody ripper of a tune and I don't think you can even play it.... prove me wrong... DARE YOU!!

Chris Cheney: oooo - a challenge if ever i heard it!
Chris Cheney: Won't guarantee it live but I can still play it.
Chris Cheney: It'll be longer sets, more obscure tracks, bigger moments and we know we have 6 albums of material we have to cover now. Look out Springsteen!
Chris Cheney: Submit your wish list to our website or facebook page, or twitter account, we are open to suggestions and we will see what we can do .

Comment From Henk
What was the influence behind machine gun?. I've listened to it a few times and i cant figure out the meaning of the song,the lyrics start to make sense,then they go in a different direction

Chris Cheney: Initially it was written about referring to someone about a machine gun, heavy handed, forceful, hard arsed person, with an iron fist, it's not a deep song, it was more about the riff than anything.

Chris Cheney: Thanks guys for the live chat. Very excited to be back playing shows and hope you're digging the new record. Love you lots, see you soon!

Comment From Jay
Do you have any idea how I can get hold of Mr Businessman? Ive never even heard that song!

Chris Cheney: It was on our EPs Save the Day ... look for it...


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